01 August 2007

Les gaufres

How could I have lived in Belgium for nearly 5 years, and never made waffles? What's wrong with me?
I saw that we had fresh blueberries in our garden, so I remedied the situation. You can eat them right from the bush, which is what Edmond, David's dad, loves to do.
I made the waffles using a verrrry old cookbook Mom gave me called Muffins, Nut Breads and More. David says they need more sugar so you can eat them by themselves, like a biscuit. However then I wouldn't be able to smother them with maple syrup, which you can only do after the butter has melted into all the little waffle holes, and will merge with the syrup to form a buttery syrupy food orgasm.
You've got to know what you're doing with the whole business.

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